West End Kiosk

Project Description

THE OXFORD STREET TEA GARDENS AND KIOSKS are spiritually in the tradition London’s smaller garden squares and terraces. The tea gardens, places of delight and repose, situate a new family of high quality micro-emporiums, fit for the Twenty First Century. These cornet like forms occasionally ‘bump’ into one another forming a congregation point and contributing to the variegated scale and character of the new micro-landscapes, adjacent to Oxford Street. Within each tea garden, buffered from the immediate bustle of Oxford Street proper by planting and sympathetic landscaping, water fountains, and café seating nestle below tree-strewn lighting causing people to rest awhile. The design of the kiosks is integral to the creation of these delightful urban moments. The kiosks’ bold form and strong material qualities engender a ‘personality’ that is recognisable - a new London Peculiar - but one too that varies from place to place and by the combination of the two parts : the ‘little’ and the ‘large’. This flexible typology has been developed in specific response to the brief.


THE KIOSKS’ BASIC COMPONENTS have been designed for the minimum complexity when opening-up or shutting-down, but they have also designed to be beautiful - a dramatic and delicious contrast apparent between the tough, West End proof, exterior and the rich, tactile woodiness of the interior.


In part the excitement of our proposal lies in the juxtaposition of smooth with rough, soft with hard, of celebrating both the bold exteriority of each kiosk within the West End streetscape and its counterpart, the rich interior - formed of wood; a grotto like space in the best English tradition.


In the evening, as the dusk settles or, during the winter, as late night shoppers wander through the streets and lanes adjoining Oxford Street, the kiosks’ presence is announced by their illuminated interior.


First, our aim is to celebrate and open-up the interior of each kiosk to delight and intrigue the passer-by. Second, our proposal aims to create an enlivening and unique place from which to trade - a retail environment inspired by the very best that the West End has to offer.








Location: West End, London

Type: Kiosk

Client: Westminster City Council

Budget: Undisclosed

Design: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Benjamin Farnsworth, Kevin Sheppard, Sung Ha Kim, Maria Knutsson-Hall, Tyra Dokkedahl, Afra vant L’and, Thais Espersen, Jenna Al-Ali




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