Villa Nueva

Project Description

Close to the National Library lies one of the few remaining Villas of late 19th Century Madrid, surrounded by more recent apartment buildings and smart shops. The concept was to preserve and re-invigorate the Villa and line its garden by building up on the faces of the surroundings in with a soft, vegetated surface. Exploiting the sight lines and light lines of the nearest tall block, a small-scale department store can be woven into the Villa and the 'casket' of space around it. A 2 meter wife stream brings aural and visual articulation between Villa and casket with glass bridges linking across. Small waterfalls occur to cause the sounds and control the water flow. Some 90 car parking spaces can be provided below.


Location: Madrid, Spain

Type: Public Building

Client: Private, project currently in planning

Budget : 8,000,000 Euro

Design Team: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Patricia Gonzales, Andrea Gonzalez Martinez, Jean-Baptiste Ruat, Afra van 't Land



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