Taiwan Tower 2

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Taiwan Tower 2 - A Tower Of Algae


A great tower doesn’t just stand there : it must open up its secrets and take on a different character as it lays open these secrets. It must have a certain character or atmosphere if you take it slowly  and a different one if you move through quickly. It invites you to delve :  It invites you to enjoy the trivial as well as the profound : furthermore it must imprint  aspects of its own conglomerate atmosphere as it lands on the ground.


This tower is centered around the production of living organism : it creates a much-needed energy source and it celebrates this. More then happens as you stop at various special points within it, or meander amongst the ground-based features.


The tower breeds algae

The tower is a continual, friendly running industry that everyone can see.

The whole process ,is viewable by the public. The tower has a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes liters oil per year. With 20% of the production sequence is immediately visible from ’demonstration hubs’ (see below).


The tower is a spectacle and an experience.

It is a spectacle that offers amazing views and a unique series of offerings – all in one structure. As an experience it contains everything from the sudden ‘wow’ effect of seeing over the mountain, seeing the sea, seeing the familiar from an unfamiliar vantage point – through to having a concentrated look at a gripping scientific process in all its weirdness and detail.


The Tower Is A Resort

A resort is not just one type of experience : a successful resort contains a variety of different diversions and moments of concentration : able to satisfy the demands of different members of the family, different age groups, different levels of concentration or stamina.

This tower has to be read in the same way as an orchestrated musical score : with several parallel lines containing interweaving sequences and points of climax. Thus, the different visitors – as well as the local users can find an excuse to home in on their own preferred features.


There are 3 observation levels:

- top observation level: overlooks the mountains

- mid observation level:  contains areas of hydroponic vegetation growth, enabling public viewing of plants and processes

- lower observation levels: contain aviaries and aquaria there are 3 office zones; all are used by the city development authority.

The museum at the base of the tower contains 5 floors - on its top are viewable algae systems. At the middle levels are exhibition zones based upon techniques developed by the authors at the kunsthaus graz (austria) and the war museum of the north.


Location: Taichung, taiwan

Client: Taichung City Government

Budget: nt

Status: competition; 1rst stage: 3rd place

Associate Architect: Tai Architects

Design Team: Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham ,Stefan Lengen, Lorene Faure, Keti Carapuli, Stefanos Roimpas, Mike Wu, Eel Tseng, Nieves Huang, Alice Labourel