Soak City

Project Description

SOAK CITY continues and develops the investigations made by Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham at the Venice Biennale of 2004 when they devised a series of semi-vegetated structures for East London. Now the scenario moves forward to a London that is largely under water - as a result of global warming. Response is first made by the building of solid, dense 'blockhouses' that can situate a new city. Followed by a series of hybrid stacks that can contain versions of our 'Venice' typologies that deliberately cross-pollinate between the categories of  apartment/ workshop/ refuge/ clinic/ studio/ random-occupancy-space and can drift in and out - and sometimes drift across the soggy land on piles. There are the gurgling remnants of the earlier London and a stage-by-stage progression of the stacks and connecting bridges. Then the next stage of the metamorphosis as the ice-packs melt.


Location: East London

Type: Urban research project

Design Team: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Lorene Faure



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