Pinto Master Plan

Project Description

Extending the existing dormitory town of Pinto by 30,000 people, centralised around a golf course; adding hotels, showrooms and apartments to the core area that is conceived as an ‘acropolis’, with the red golf club as town icon. Peter Cook’s particular involvement was with this section. The idea of a ‘generic boardwalk’ is pursued: with running, cycling, skateboarding, strolling, parading as designed-for features. The boardwalk absorbs kiosks and other urban paraphernalia that are ‘tucked under’ the major structures (this has been developed in the Vallecas housing project – now under construction). Earth-moving would achieve a ridge of 25m high that enables the ‘acropolis’ to sit at its end. By the complex plan geometry, it also encourages cooling draught winds through the notoriously hot and dry location.





Location: Pinto, Spain

Type: Mixed use

Budget: TBA

Design: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Salvador Perez Arroyo, Eva Hurtado







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