Peru, London Pavilion

Project Description

Peru's rich cultural and natural resources provide both a transformative and profound experience applicable to anyone willing to travel.

Our design focuses on displaying the multifaceted nature of the Peruvian culture.


The strategic positioning of the bar, performance stage and exhibition space stimulate pockets of social congregation and promote continuous movement through the pavilion.

The pockets of space created represent ideal places for both business and social interaction to occur simultaneously.


The individual stands are constructed of plywood units assembled and disassembled into various arrangements with ease. All wood is painted or veneered. Structures are lighted with environmentally friendly LED strip lights, task spotlights and decorative pendant lighting.




Location: London, EXCEL London (World Travel Market, WTM)

Type: Exhibition

Client: PROMPERU (Peru's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism)

Budget: Non Specified (approx. 400sqm)

Design Team:

Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Yang Yu, Garrett Santo, Lorenzo Bertolotto, Sara Alonso



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