New Street Station Birmingham

Project Description

This station is the busiest interchange station in Europe and consists of an amalgam of buildings from every period of the last 100 years. The task was to ‘wrap’ the conglomeration in a new skin, but not to affect any part of the fundamental structure. With a folded aluminium skin of many colours the Crab team have approached it from a highly visual point of view. A city observer will see the station from one of a series of very different streets.  Focusing on one of the coloured forms: Down the darker, redder street a view of the red corner,. At the brighter, southern flanks the bright yellow undulation. In from the Bullring side a longer view and the contained terracing of the blue corner. As a focus, the two cones that celebrate the central atrium are in a mysterious green. The kaleidoscope captured by the chameleon.





Location: Birmingham, UK

Type: Public railway station

Client: Network Rail

Budget : £30,000,000

Design: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Dimitris Argyros, Jean-Baptiste Ruat

Engineer: Bollinger und Grohmann

Awards: 3rd Place



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