Madrid Law Courts

Project Description

One of a series of projects for the Ministry of Justice in Madrid based upon the master plan whereby all the courts of the City are to be housed in a park. An a-priori requirement was for the courts to be circular. The CRAB project was designed together with the office of Salvador Perez Arroyo in Madrid. It concentrates upon the notion of creating a soft and friendly atmosphere for the interior and dealing with the protection of the multi-layered 'skin' of the building designed to obviate glare and intense summer sun. The components of this skin are organized to be subtly variable and to continue the 'friendly' theme by way of the 'Dalmatian dog' character of the skin components.


Location: Madrid, Spain

Type: Law Courts Building

Client: Campus of Justice

Budget : 48,000,000 Euro

Design: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Jean-Baptiste Ruat, Dimitris Agyros, Patricia Garcia, the Office of Salvador Perez Arroyo, Madrid




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