Light House

Project Description

Rakvere is to celebrate the long involvement of the contemporary composer, Aarvo Paart, with the town, by reconstructing the existing church as a concert hall. The added complex has then to contain a celebratory room for Paart’s music, rehearsal rooms, restaurant and a small park. The CRAB design uses light and the mouding of embankments in order to give visual articulation amongst the many grey days and shelter from the winds. The exterior is to be coated in black tar – a technique observed at close quarters by Mr. Robotham, who owns a Norfolk windmill coated in this material..


Location: Rakvere, Estonia

Type: Public concert hall

Status: Competition, 4th prizewinning project

Client: The city of Rakvere

Budget: Total of ±25,500 Euro awarded as prizes

Design team: Gavin Robotham, Peter Cook, Guadalupe Hernandez, Carlos Ruiz, Lorene Faure



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