International Art & Music Centre, Taiwan

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International Art & Music Centre, Taiwan


A half-kilometre strip on the edge of Taipei designated as a pop music centre. It is located within a fast-growing area of middle-income high-rise and linked at its western end to the subway system. On the south is a remaining piece of forested hillside. The scheme picks up the predictable flow of audiences up from the subway. It stretches out the series of ‘music houses’ and restaurants from west to east and an evolving progression of delight: the first marker tower if a conscious ‘De Stijl’ quotation – revelling in its rectilinearity. The small buildings are straight just here but as you move eastwards, the architecture begins to loosen, then flex, then become quite wayward at the park-like extremity, where these music pavilions can be seen against the forested backdrop – in a Romantic tradition. The main Music Hall on the northern side is mastered by a high-tech ‘table’ that is celebrated by a ‘sleek’ tower for pop-entrepreneurs. The exterior concert bowl has seating outcrops that double as north-lights for the museum within.


This park should be a place where the expected leads to the unexpected. it should be a garden of delights. extending the experience of the city from 'hard'  to 'soft' to  'mysterious'.

Thus the architecture metamorphoses from West to East. It offers surroundings for sound that range from the heroic to the cozy, the nonchalant to the very particular. We want different visitors to return home with very different interpretations of where they have been to. We anticipate that different 'regulars' will each have their own particular favorite corners. In order to comprehend the scheme, we divide it into five zones.  They can be read as an evolving parkland route from the subway from Kunyang Station at the Western end down to the Eastern, which is the beginning of the Nangang Station area ; rising to a Boardwalk that will be the reference for the whole Park - with a series of fingers to carry the crowds into the arena zone to the North. Of course, this is not the only way in which you can access the site and travelers using Nangang Station, or who enter from more local points will tune in to different 'markers' and enjoy different sequences.


Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Type: Public Pop Music Venue

Client: Taipei City Government

Budget : 3,500,000,000 New Taiwan Dollars (NT$)

Design Team: Peter Cook, Ting-Na Chen, Aisyah Ajib, Thais Espersen, Lorene Faure, Benjamin Farnsworth/ Populous, Rick Chen