Guggenheim Helsinki

Project Description


A series of four galleries surround an internal glass-roofed winter garden and rise up in two-meter increments. Rectangular in shape, they are lit by large elliptical northlights that create a slightly different ambiance for each gallery.


An additional feature is a large ‘trumpet-like’ enclosure that opens towards – and is visible from - the city centre which is a shelter for major art statements, a frame for electronic art or a summer concert venue.


The building is a ‘resort’ as well as a series of galleries – encouraging the casual as well as the dedicated visitor, hence the winter garden, garden deck, bars as well as restaurant, helping to pull the ambient city southwards along the peninsula towards Kaivopuisto Park.


The upper forms are clad in zinc that is progressively interspersed with grey larch strips as it moves downwards. The base is variously black glazed brick and glass block.



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