Elephant House

Project Description

The elephants have priority here- and they must be comfortable. In a scooped out space, ressembling a quarry, they can wander, scratch and play. By creating a subtle mix of substance- rather than a 'piece of architecture' they remain protected and the people watching them can be discreet. The elephant house is embedded in the slope. Its vegetated roof is in continuity with the top of the hill allowing the visitors to roam upon it and have a distant view on the Savannah and Dry river bed habitats spread below them.A gentle ramp, partially hidden under the canopy, leads the visitors, in a game of hide and seek, into the habitat of the elephant.





Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Type: Recreational

Client: Zurich Zoo

Budget: 32,000,000 CHF

Design: Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Jean Baptiste Ruat, Dimitris Argyros



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