Cafe Kick Bar, Exmouth Market, London

Project Description

In June 2010 CRAB was commissioned to provide a temporary beer-bar that could b e positioned both inside and outside the venue which is probably the best known watering-hole of London’s burgeoning 20-something architectural community, located as it is in Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell.


The project, part of the ongoing CRAB furniture series, wraps beer-barrel locations with a series of heavy plywood shelves that are exotically profiled. These were entirely computer-investigated and c-in-c cut. Each of the five overlays was then coloured in a series of decoy figurations that set up a counter-pattern in the manner of the shelf profiles but not following their edges. The project also served as a computer-based investigation into layering systems.




date: 2010

location: Cafe Kick, Exmouth Market, London

client: Cafe Kick

design team: Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Tyra Lea Amdisen Dokkedahl, Thais Kvejborg Espersen, Afra van ’t Land and Sungha Kim



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