Bournemouth Exhibition

Project Description

The inaugural exhibition of the new Gallery of the Arts University College Bournemouth will extend from Peter Cook’s early Bournemouth-based projects with Archigram (he studied in the Art school that was the forerunner of the AUCB) and concentrate on recent CRAB work, including models made by Bournemouth students.


Featured work : ‘Plug-in City Bournemouth’, ‘Bournemouth Steps’, the Cook-Fournier ‘Kunsthaus Graz’, Verbania Theatre, Pinto, Vallecas Housing, Law Faculty Vienna, Ship City, Swiss Cottage Tower, Taiwan Tower etc.









Location: Wallisdown, poole, dorset BH12 5HH, UK

Design Team: Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Benjamin Farnsworth, Selma Udriot Johansson, Sungha Kim, Jesus Paz Otero

Status: Completed




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