Drawing Studio, Arts University Bournemouth

Project Description

This commission came through a recognition that the fundamental nature of drawing and the way in which it stimulates thought needed to be recognised and celebrated in a building available to all sections of the Arts University Bournemouth. Moreover designed by a prominent alumnus (when it was Bournemouth College of Art) : Sir Peter Cook : much of whose architectural work revolves around drawing.


The building is an iconic and free-standing pavilion that contains a large room, supported by a small internal service and storage territory.


The condition of the room celebrates four aspects of light – a central theme in the tradition of looking and drawing. These are featured as follows:


1. The large north-light : in the ‘Studio’ tradition.

2. The rear clerestory that throws a softer light back from the rear wall.

3. A discrete – even softer - light that filters under the bench on the east side.

4. A graded wash of light that comes in along the curve of the entrance porte-clochere via the glass entrance door.


The structure will be an all-steel prefabricated semi-monocoque construction, imported from the Netherlands and bolted onto the site slab, which will then be internally paneled giving a continuous white surface. The internal surfaces will be white with a grey floor. The exterior is a simple but deliberately identifiable and curvaceous form in blue, constructed from steel.


Through such simplicity, the act of drawing becomes a calm and considered activity within the lively world of a very busy and creative institution.





type:  Education

client:  Arts University Bournemouth

location:  Poole, Dorset, UK

primary team:  Prof. Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Jenna Al-Ali

consultant teams: AKT II, P3r engineers, PT projects

status: COMPLETED 2016



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