Set up in 2006 by Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham who had designed (respectively) the Kunsthaus Graz and the interiors of the Magna Centre in Rotherham. Their curatorship of the British Pavilion at the 2006 Venice Biennale led directly to the setting-up of the Studio.


CRAB has now won competitions for theatres, exhibitions and university buildings and their recently completed Abedian School of Architecture for Bond University in Australia has been awarded ‘State Public Building of the Year’ medal and best Public and Health Interior Inside Award 2014 and various other construction awards. Their recently completed Law Faculty and Administration buildings in Vienna has received an RIBA ‘European Building’ award and best WAF Colour Award 2014.

They have constructed public housing in Berlin and Madrid and they are currently in the advanced stages of construction of a studio building for the Arts University Bournemouth whilst also engaged in a series of feasibility studies and further exhibition buildings.




Hundreds of items from Their ‘CRAB’ range of tables and educational furniture have now been produced.

With a much-documented trajectory of experimental projects and an ongoing plethora of published works, CRAB is now demonstrating the application of their much-discussed design ideas on the ground. Their long experience of teaching has led to close connection with universities in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia and as a cosmopolitan mix of younger architects come working and circulating through the studio, the design thrust remains fresh – generating a notoriously ‘cheerful’ atmosphere.


Sir Peter Cook is Archigram Royal Gold Medallist of the RIBA, former director of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture and was Kenzo Tange Professor at Harvard. Gavin Robotham was Knox Scholar at Harvard.



Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham at the building site of the Abedian School of Architecture, Australia
Sir Peter Cook
Gavin Robotham

Prof. Sir Peter Cook


Gavin Robotham


Jenna Al-Ali
Miho Kamei
Jenna Al-Ali
Miho Kamei
Miho Kamei


Yu Ching Huang
Irene Vitorica Donezar
Reem Nasir
Yu Ching Huang
Yu Ching Huang


Mark Bagguley
Lorene Faure
Ana Diez
Androniki Strongiouglou
Carlos Ramirez Pantanella
Carrie Lai Tieng Leong
Dhruvin Shah
Fatemeh Ghasemi
Helen Rotenberg
Ho Kim
Ivan L. Quero
Lavinia Andreea Marcu
Mars Chuang
Theresa Heinen
Ting-Chun Lee
Ting-Chun Lee


Alice Labourel
Andreea An Mar
Beatrice Eckord
Clare Kennedy
Garrett Santo
Javier Santo
Joanna Costan
Jonas Ersson
Keti Carapuli
Lorenzo Bertolotto
Lukas Malm
Malene Anderson
Oskar Edstrom
Per Fretheim
Sara Alonso
Teodor Astrom
Timothy Tai
Vici Hofbauer
Vici Hofbauer


Stefan Lengen
Nuria Blanco
Rosalia Fenu
Eel Tseng
Nieves Huang
Mike Wu
Jeff Gillway
Stefanos Roimpas
Steven Avis
Zack Saunders
Catrina Stewart
Basmah Kaki
Valle Medina
Valle Medina


Aisyah Ajib
Benjamin Farnsworth
Jean-Baptiste Ruat
Jesus Paz Otero
Johanna Kanerud
Kevin Sheppard
Maria Knuttson-Hall
Rula Sayegh
Ryan Theodore
Selma Udriot Johansson
Sofia Adolfsson
Sungha Kim
Tyra Dokkedahl


Afra van't Land
Guadalupe Hernandez
Elana Pappoff
Carlos Ruiz
Hannes Karlsson
Maiken Seglem
Nick Naidu
Thais Esperson


Alan Tansey
Alice Yu
Caroline Lundin
Kate Kwik
Sandra Youkhana
Youssef Al-Mehdari


Stefano Passeri
Daniele Hodgson
Dimitris Argyros
Gordon Sung
Patricia Garcia Chimeno
Andrea Gonzalez