Taiwan Tower 3- A Tower of Living Energy

Project Description

Taiwan is intense, industrious and fantastically dynamic.

The taiwan tower is there to celebrate this fact. As a constant inspiration to the people of taiwan, reminding them of their potential to create energy.


It demonstrates:

- What has been achieved

- What is being researched and developed

- What can be proposed in the search for energy techniques.


Such a tower must be  immediate, accessible, exciting and contain a range of ‘observables’ and attractions for differing strands of the public - as well as facilities for serious research and study. Overall it is not a simple totem but a constantly growing organism. It is a living laboratory of energy research. The park is inspired by the spirit and mannerism of the algae drops.




Location: Taichung, taiwan

Client: taichung city government

Budget: nt

Status: competition; 2nd stage: 4th place

Associate Architect: Tai Architects

Design team: Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham, Stefan Lengen, Tim Culverhouse, Lorene Faure, Eel Tseng, Basmah Kaki, Andreea An Mar, Rosalia Fenu, Nieves Huang, Mike Wu, Jonas Ersson, Oskar Edstrom, Jenna Al-Ali, Ting-Na Chen, Catrina Stewart



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